{GUEST POST} 7 Fashion Tips For Sassy Mums

Today, I'm sharing a lovely guest post with some British flair all about mama fashion. Some fabulous tips that have for sure inspired me to think about getting out of my yoga pants one of these days :)
Is it time for you to refresh your family’s wardrobe? If so, look no further: we have compiled a list of seven tips to help you complete your look for the season. From layering your accessories, finding the perfect lipstick to purchasing a great leather jacket, here are our fashion tips and tricks for sassy mothers.

1. Layer your accessories. Now that you don’t have to wear quite so many layers of clothes in this warmer weather, try and layer your accessories instead! Do not wear one necklace, but two or three - and throw on a few different bracelets for a fun and festive look.

2. Buy yourself a sleeveless jacket. Elle has recently selected their favourite sleeveless jackets to conquer the “tricky transeasonal period”.  We agree that this is an essential item for your wardrobe this year, and it will look gorgeous combined with a dress and pumps.

3. Find yourself a beautiful shade of lipstick. Do not hesitate to walk into a cosmetics store and ask one of the advisors to help you pick out a shade that compliments your skin and eyes. Once you have found your perfect shade of lipstick, try and stick with it for at least a season. It will be your trademark colour and wearing a perfect lipstick is a rare occasion for many women, so make it endure!

4. Get yourself a pair of nude shoes. Having a pair of nude shoes at the ready, whether we are talking about heels or pumps or even flip-flops, is the best choice a mother can have. When in distress about what shoes to wear to complete your outfit, nude shoes always match and therefore will always be good to have to hand.

5. A good leather jacket goes a long way. It was Marlon Brando who popularized the leather jacket in the early fifties, and The Ramones followed in his footsteps in the seventies. The trend has never gone away, with celebrities like Kate Moss wearing them regularly. You can find some stylish leather jackets for women here and purchase an affordable bomber jacket for yourself!

6. Opt for prints. Some people love prints, whereas other people think they are too loud. We think prints are great as long as they are either balanced or over the top. Either pick one item for your outfit that has a crazy pattern on it (stripes, circles, animal print), or mix and match different patterns throughout your entire look.

7.Treat yourself to a new clutch. The brighter your clutch bag is, the better! This way it will always be within sight, and you will make a colourful and positive statement to the people who get to catch a glimpse of your purse. 

Disclaimer: Consideration was received for the editing and publishing of this guest post, but I wouldn't have passed on these words if I didn't wholeheartedly agree with these tips! I for one have been loving my nude flats and I totally heart the idea about picking a signature lip color for the season!

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